Posted on April 25th, 2013

Since the end of WWII, there have been thousands of books, movies, and documentaries about the Holocaust and the evil of the Nazi party. The evidence of the mass extermination of Jews carried out by Hitler and his soldiers is overwhelming and impossible to ignore – unless you count the growing number of Holocaust deniers who have begun to appear all over the world.
Holocaust denial is just what it sounds like – the process of completely or even partially denying that the Nazi part committed mass genocide against the Jews and other undesirables during WWII. While deniers prefer the term 'revisionist' over 'denial', there is no question that they are indeed deniers of the atrocities that occurred. Today Holocaust denial is increasing in some areas and the trend is very alarming.
Materials denying the Holocaust began to appear quickly after the war's end, started in many times by the leaders of the SS who had fled Germany and sought to continue spreading their propaganda. The modern denial movement really took hold in 1961 and began to spread throughout the world. Many anti-Semitic hate groups practice Holocaust denial including the KKK and the current neo-Nazi movements in various countries.

Claims made by Holocaust deniers include stating that no gas chambers ever existed in any death camps in Europe, that the Nazis never had a policy or plan of extermination of the Jews, and that the entire Holocaust is a giant hoax. In most cases it's stated that the hoax was and is perpetrated by the Jews themselves in order to further their own place in the world and to keep down other races.
Most respected historians don't even engage with Holocaust deniers due to the fact that they feel doing so would give them even a fraction of legitimacy. Others refuse to engage because they feel it is a waste of time and that the deniers' minds are already made up, with no amount of evidence capable of changing them. Some do engage, although their efforts usually fall on deaf ears.
In most cases it is easy to take even a small look at the evidence and determine that the Holocaust happened. But as hard as it is to fathom there are indeed people out there who feel that the entire thing is a hoax. These dangerous, misguided groups adhere to an alarming belief system that, at times, echoes the hatred and anti-Semitism that drove the Nazi party.

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